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Terms & Conditions

Production, sales and handling of the wine is the responsibility of Sjoeblom Winery, PO Box 3496, Napa CA 94558. Sjoeblom Winery has all licenses required to produce, ship and sell wine to consumers in the United States. Terms and conditions, prices and charges may change at any time, at the sole discretion of Sjoeblom Winery. It is the Club Members responsibility to keep them periodically updated by visiting the legal pages at


By placing an order you verify that you are age 21 years or older.


Shipping charges are always added, unless such shipment is picked up at the winery, or any other location that is instructed by the winery, or shown in the shipping section of the shopping cart.


Taxes are added where applicable. All purchases, including tax and shipping charges, are non-refundable.


The subscription payment plan is active until canceled.  The subscription can be canceled at any time. A cancellation is subject to "next shipping date". A subscriber receives one shipment per year. In the event a subscriber cancel a subscription and/or a club shipment after funds has been automatically charged their card, neither refund nor return of such shipment is accepted, even if such shipment has not yet been received by the subscriber. 


Any address change, or change of number of bottles in a club shipment must be made available to Sjoeblom Winery not later than October 15th. In the event a shipment is returned to Sjoeblom Winery due to an unreported address change, the return shipment charge, and the new shipping charge will be the responsibility of the customer. Any such returned merchandise will not be refunded, and held at inventory for 6 months unless customer pay the fees prior to release of such merchandise. If merchandise is not picked up within this period of time, the customer gives up the rights for the items in question. 


In the event (a) the shipping charges change, or (b) taxes or governmental fees change, adjustments will be made without notice.


For further assistance, notifications, cancellations or questions please email us at

Returns & Refunds

Sjöblom Glögg is made to drink, not to return. Returns and/or refunds will not be accepted. The glögg cannot be exchanged for different Sjoeblom wines. Club Shipments that are paid for, and in our system, cannot be cancelled. 

Alcohol Shipping Laws

Each state in the US has its own alcohol shipping laws. The link below will take you to a US map in which each state is detailed what you can and cannot do in regard to shipping alcohol.

Glögg Club Members

We offer two types of club memberships whereas one is FREE and the other one is PAID.

You sign up on our mailing list and receive information when we have something to share. This membership does not make you eligible for club discounts. We will not ship anything without you actively place an order in our store.

As a subscriber in the glögg club you chose how many bottles you wish to receive every year, and where we shall send it. We partner up with Paypal that store your credit card details. Every year you will automatically receive your glögg shipment, and your card will be charged for the same. If you wish to change number of bottles or shipping address you must inform us as soon as possible and not later than 15 days from the time of shipment so we can correct that. You may cancel your membership at any time however not after we have charged your card and your shipment is on our shipping list. For more information, please see our terms and conditions.

When your subscription order is placed you agree to the terms and conditions herein, as well as what is specified in the order online.

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