A regular beatiful day in Napa Valley

Founded in August 2000, the winery is located in Napa, California, one of the most prestigious and progressive wine-producing regions in the world.

Sjoeblom Winery's philosophy of producing first class, quality wine, is based on old-world craftsmanship, time-honoured traditions and modern, scientific practices. Sjoeblom strives for a synthesis of classic European practices, experimentation, and up-to-the-minute winemaking science. Chauvignon Reserve has been the flagship of the winery ever since it was started, and is a sparkling Cabernet Sauvignon, Methode Champenoise from Napa Valley.

In Sweden, at Systembolaget, you find Chateaux Vadeaux, a vintage 2013 Zinfandel and Chateuax Halleaux, a vintage 2015 Chardonnay. Read more about it at www.chateauxvadeaux.com.


In the US, the winery launched the label Love Without Borders in 2017 which is available at www.dreamwinery.com 

2018 will be the year of GLÖGG. As the first producer to create an authentic Swedish glögg in the United States, Sjoeblom Winery has created this gloggclub.com to provide with the most amazing glögg this country have ever tasted.

Meet The Team

Mike Sjöblom

Mike Sjöblom is the winemaker, and glögg master at Sjoeblom Winery. He has made wine in Napa Valley the past 20 years.

Christopher Sjöblom

Christopher Sjöblom is the Prince Charming son of the family, and in charge of the US West Coast glögg sales and marketing.

Stephanie Sjöblom

Stephanie Sjöblom is the Princess Daughter of the family, and in charge of the US East Coast glögg sales and marketing.

Christina Sjöblom

Christina Sjöblom is the adopted grandmother to the family and in charge of the operations and logistics of glögg in the United States.