Glögg Making

Is there a difference between the various glögg brands on the market?


Absolutely!  Many factors are involved when making a good glögg.  Most people are under the impression that you can mix the spices in any kind of inexpensive wine and get a stellar result.  Well, that is not true!


Traditional winemakers, e.g., use different varieties of oak and various grapes to bring out variations in spices and taste.  The same technique is used to achieve the traditional Swedish glögg taste.


Glögg and wine making can be compared to a chef preparing his meals.  The quality of your base ingredients determines the end result.

Base Wine in Glögg

Sjöblom glögg uses a base wine from California, a wonderful vintage 2016 Syrah.  This is not some "left-over" wine usually used in bulk glögg production, but a more expensive variety, which ensures a high-quality end product.   


Finding a good base wine is time consuming.  Good body and depth are necessary, as well as a good balance between alcohol, sugar and pH. 


"My ground rule is that if I like the wine - as is - and it has the balance, body and depth I enjoy, then that will be my base wine."


Tastes differ, as we all know.​  After many tastings where a great number of people have tried our glögg, we know Sjöblom glögg is highly recommended.  It is not too sweet, and the alcohol content is 12%.  You can always add sugar (honung) and/or your preferred alcohol, should you want your glögg sweeter and/or stronger.

Remember, glögg is wine - spiced wine - or as we say in the US, a mulled wine.

There are many ​imitation sweet drinks called glögg on the market.  We are not opposed to non-alcohol alternatives, but to bundle these together with traditional glögg is going too far.  Remember, when glögg was created, there were no non-alcohol wines.


Make It Your Own

For those of you who wish for more sweetness and/or alcohol in your glögg, please add honey and/or vodka to your heart's content!  It is always easier to add ingredients than removing those already there.

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