Welcome to the Club
Luciatåg i Napa Valley
Our three common denominator:
We love glögg!
We drink glögg every year!
We want the original glögg!
Club member benefits:
+ 20% discount!
+ Chose number of bottles every year
+ Automatic shipments every year
+ Free glögg tastings
+ Club shipments are never "sold-out"
How much does it cost?
Club payment in June
You decide how many bottles you want
Club price per bottle: $20 [Regular price: $25]   
How often and when will I have my glögg?
1 time per year. You can have more if you like
The Annual shipment is made in November
No minimum number of bottles, you decide
If you want to change anything, not a problem...
Change number of bottles!
You will have an automatic notice in June every year, based on the same number of bottles we shipped you last year. If you wishes to increase or decrease this number, we are only an email away to make that happen.
Change my address?
It happens all the time. As long as you stay within the United States, shoot us an email and we will take care of it.
Change my mind?
Anything can happen in life. If something as devastating as to have to stop your glögg shipment next year, we are very sorry, and as a fellow glögg lover we will definitely not be in your way. Your membership is cancelled simply with an email. Read more about how it works in the terms and conditions.

If you change your mind again that year, you are always welcome to order your glögg at full price, unless we are sold out of course.
We only make glögg one time per year.
We balance our production so that we sell out every year. 

Our priority is to make glögg to our club members. Since we know how much club members want already in June every year, we can always guarantee shipments in November to everyone.

A successful production plan include a "sold-out" sign sometimes in December every year.