Glögg Club Member Benefits;

- Free sign-up

- One automatic & guaranteed shipment of glögg every year [November].

- You receive 20% discount of your glögg.

- Free Glögg tastings.

Change of plans:

- You want more/less bottles of glögg next year, let us know but not later than June.

- You moved, let us know before November.

- You wish to cancel, let us know but not later than June.

What is expected from the Club Member:

- Your shipment this year, will be the same next year unless you change your mind.

- You will receive an invoice in June for your November shipment.

Please note:

Unlike other wine clubs, we do not save any credit card information, or charge your card without your authorization. The Paypal invoice you receive in June is paid by yourself and not by any recurring charging methods.

If you decide to cancel your membership there are no penalties or requirements that other wine clubs demand. You cannot step out of the club in June, and re-enter later the same year to enjoy the club benefits. You may re-enter the following year.

Please help:

We send out a glögg survey every year. This helps us to understand what you want and we therefore ask kindly to answer the approximately 10 questions when you receive it via email.

The mutual benefit of the club:

*You receive discounts and perks. 

*We can plan our production much better when we know how much glögg everyone wants.


                            Thank You!

Free Sign-Up

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