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Sjöblom Glögg

Heat The Glögg Slowly

Glögg changes in taste if heated for too long.  Heat it slowly, then pour it into a thermos or a special glögg pot, kept warm with a tealight.

Remember that alcohol starts to evaporate at 172F.

Serving Snacks With the Glögg

Classic additions to glögg are almonds and raisins, which are soaked in your glögg cup.  Ginger snaps complement glögg very well, and are frequently offered.

If you want to serve more, think of something salt and sweet in combination, maybe with some hot spices.  Keep it simple though, tasty need not mean complicated.

Here are some examples:

Bacon-wrapped dates, Sharp cheese on your ginger snaps (Gorgonzola, e.g.), Blue cheese on sweet potato chips or with glögg-sauteed onion.

Sjöblom Glögg & Lussekatter

Save The Leftover Glögg

Left-over glögg should not be saved for reheating later.  Instead, consider the following:

1.  Reduce by cooking the glögg over low heat until syrupy, then trickle over fresh figs.

2.  Marinate desired fruit in glögg before adding to your fruit cake or other coffee cake.

3.  Top off your fruit salad with raisins that have soaked in glögg for a few hours.

4.  Why not add a splash of glögg when cooking the red cabbage for your Christmas dinner!

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