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"A great taste that will go well with the christmas spirit!"

"Lagom ”söt”!"

"It's amazing, and not so sweet"

—Moa Munoz 

Los Angeles

"Loved it! Fantastic!"

—Yasser Hamed

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Los Angeles

"Taste like my favorite glögg from Sweden"

—Yvonne Ojala 

Los Angeles


—Josephin Åkerberg 

Los Angeles

”den ÄR otroligt god”

—Kristina Bünger

San Francisco

"This is REAL glögg! Amazing and Good!"

—Lars Kristensen 

Business Affairs

Pop Cutie

Los Angeles

"It was absolutely delicious! Best glögg I've ever tasted. Keep up the great job!"

"Delicious, best glogg that I have tried."

"I actually don't like glögg but after trying the Sjöblom Glögg I totally changed my mind. It is amazing!"

—Minna Madzunkova 

Forma Lenore

Los Angeles

"Delicious, sampled the Sjöblom Glögg at the Swedish Ambassador's residence."

"A great introduction of glögg in California!"

—Julia Wennberg

Los Angeles

”This glögg has a very smooth taste and not so sugary. It’s not so heavy and was great to drink even cold. It was the best glögg I’ve ever tasted ”

—Annika Kronström


"A different taste of glögg - but it was a really good taste! Not so sweet. I really recommend the glögg from Sjoebloms Winery"

—Ingela Afzelius

Afzelius Health&Beauty 

Los Angeles

"Sjoeblom Winery’s glögg is the most balanced I have ever tasted. The spices really  take center stage with just the right amount of sweetness. The quality of the wine makes it beautifully smooth."

—Tracey Beck 

Executive Director

American Swedish Historical Museum.


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