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Winemaker Mike Sjöblom

"To make quality wine or glögg, you must start with a quality base wine. Many people think it does not matter which base wine you use, but that is not true."       Mike Sjöblom

Glögg Master & Winemaker

Mike Sjöblom is the Glögg Master​ as well as winemaker at Sjoeblom Winery.  He and his Swedish team have over 80 years experience making glögg, and are behind many successful name-recognized brands in Sweden.

"To make good quality glögg, it is imperative to start with a good quality wine.  My glögg is made with a vintage wine.  Only a handful of other wine makers also create glögg, and unfortunately, understanding the importance of the base wine is often lost in translation when adding spices to it."


Mike prefers to work with natural flavors.  A full-flavored wine to bring forward the fruit, and organic ingredients to create the characteristic glögg flavor are carefully blended, thereby eliminating the need for too much extra sugar.

"When making wine, we work with different kinds of oak, and balance the wine with acid and alcohol levels.  The same methods are used when creating Sjöblom glögg", Mike says.

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