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Quality vs Price

Ingredients really matter!


When you want to enjoy a tender filé mignon, cooked to perfection and served with organic greens from your garden, the flavors will be superior over a cheap cut of meat, full of hormones and other additives...


I think you know where we are going with this!


When your base wine is of poor quality, you have to add more spices to cover up off-flavors, as well as some 200 grams sugar per liter to balance out the high acidity. This is what other producers do, even the largest producer of glögg.


Sjöblom glögg is made with an amazing vintage wine, which is combined with quality-assured spices imported from Sweden (non-GMO). As a result of this, we have achieved a much higher quality in comparison with other brands, which naturally has increased our production costs. We believe that when you enjoy glögg only a few times every year, you want a GOOD glögg, not just something that mimics the real thing for a few dollars less.


Those who believe that it makes little difference which wine and spices you use are wrong.  Inferior ingredients make for inferior quality.  This is the reason you have not been able to get real Swedish glögg in the US until now.


Anyone who has tasted Sjöblom glögg is well aware of the significant difference in flavor, when compared with other types of glögg in the US.


Our glögg makers commute between Sweden and Napa Valley to ensure the glögg is "Äkta Svensk Kvalitet", "Genuine Swedish Quality".  There is no producer in the United States who devotes as much time and work - or has the knowledge - to ensure a top quality glögg.  We have pulled out all the stops for this unique product, which we hope will appeal to our Scandinavian brothers and sisters.

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